Exciting new displays! Male, Female, Swim Bike Run, My Medals, Our Medals and Spartan all available as Triple Tier for those runners with loads of medals!


How to frame your medal display

At various Expos we exhibit our displays in large photoframes (see above). Many customers have asked if we can supply these frames as well as the medal display. The frames are easy to setup and can be linked effectively to the room decor.

1. Purchase your frame at low cost from IKEA or a similar store.

2. Purchase a roll of appropriate design wallpaper (or simply get free sample at appropriate size!).

3. Remove the glass from the frame, it is no longer needed.

4. Take out the backing board

5. With photomount spray, spray the board and then apply the wallpaper to the board making sure to press out any air bubbles.

6.When dry fit the board into the frame.

7. Attach medal display to the board with supplied screws and nylon spacers.

8. Hang photoframe.....easy peasy

Once again, welcome to ‘The Runners Wall’ and we look forwards to helping you display your medals.